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Objectives  The objective of the organization shall be as follow: a.  Establish a functioning library filled with a variety of books, stockpile a multitude of school supplies for use within the library, and hold basic literacy classes instructed by real teacher b. Promote education, development, and construct libraries internationally, and dissemination of knowledge within various fields to the meet the needs of the South Sudan population from Gambella region through South Sudan. c. Establish libraries that create wide-spread awareness of the importance of reading and advantages of acquiring information and disseminating to the growth of the community.

Programs & Objectives

d. Create a link to collaborate with various higher education institutions and improve the quality of education through schools, the provision of education equipment, furniture, textbooks, and learning materials. e. To introduce non-formal education and skill training to urban population without formal schooling with opportunities to further empower individual’s participation in economic and social life. f. Social and mentorship support for the purpose of personal growth, creativity, leadership skills, self-reliance and enhanced capacities to South Sudanese people through active and interactive participation in learning and provision of high-quality education g. Nurture and improve the quality of children’s lives by caring for, and educating orphans, street children, and physical/mentally disabled children to better their lives. h. Support local communities or the targeted community to improve the education process or systems that aim to promote women’s health, gender sensitization, and community health in embracing technological tools in the proposed project locations. i. Establish a mini research center that analyzes culture and traditions that activate and support learning at ease using available and user-friendly local materials to ensure habits and values. j. These goals will all be accomplished under the library of South Sudan READS which will comprise; a. A library section; establish a functioning library filled with a variety of books, school supplies b. Classes & mini research center c. An incubation center for innovative and creative education projects d. Arts and culture Center

Programs: What we do:

SSSREADS will establish the following programs to improve and empower lives. SSREADS program focus, but not limited to the following programs: 1. Construct of libraries, research centers, incubation centers 2. Education 3. Income generating community projects 4. Health 5. Women Development 6. Adult literacy 7. Page51.Class room  8. Humanitarian Aid

SSR Projects focus:

SSR  focuses  on  the  below  areas  with  the  aim  of  attaining  their  mission  and  in  support  of  the  South  Sudan Humanitarian  Response  Plan  2016-2017, the  (MDGs  &  SDGs)  Global  Millennium  Development  Goals  and Sustainable Development Goals;EducationHumanitarian Aid Women’s Health Gender mainstreamFood security Agri-education empowerment

How SSREADS Program is


The  Board  of  Directors  of  the  SSREADS  shall  be  composed  of  five  members,  a  president,  vice  president,  a secretary  general,  a  treasurer  and  an  executive  director  elected  by  the  General  Assembly  after  being  proposed by the nomination committee. The Board of Directors will have an annual regular meeting. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be held at any time and place upon call of the president or upon the written demand of not less than two thirds of the  Board  members.  The  President will  attend  and  conduct  all of the  meetings  on  behalf  of  the  Board  of Directors in the absence of the vice-president. The members of the BOD shall be elected by secret ballot by the members at the annual General Assembly and shall  hold  office  for  a  term  of  three  years  unless removed for  cause,  or  resigned  or  the  individual is incapacitated due to some reasons or death. The  management  of  the  organization  rests  upon the Executive  Director  who  is  responsible  to  perform  the planning,  designing  and  the  implementation  of  the  organization  programs. SSREADS Executive Director will also carry out technical, operational and staff developments in the offices established.