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South Sudan Reads

Core Values:

I. Respect and commitment II. Respect the values of the culture, tradition and the dignity of the community III. Accountability and trustworthiness. IV. Gender fairness. V. Transparency and integrity VI. Credibility VII. Self-reliance and independence VIII. Neutrality/Gender sensitive IX. Respect local and international NGOs code of conduct

Governing Body

The governing body of the SSR shall be elected by Board of Directors.  SSR shall form its own members who are 18 years of age or older. The initial officers of the organization shall be as follow: 1. Director 2. Secretary 3. Treasurer 4. Boards of Trustees 5. There shall be five elected body member that will constitute the Board of Directors; the five elected body members shall exercise the powers and the duties delegated to it by the South Sudan READS. Members of the Board of Trustees shall hold office in good faith.

Board of Directors

The main fundamental duties of board of directors are “check
and balance”; Executive Councils are consisting of five
members; they have neither independence goal nor the executive
body. The councils are central to the governance system of the
South Sudan READS and they are roll exercise their ruling are
limited and established within the Bylaws of the South Sudan
READS. The board of director is responsible for all policies and
directions of the association are kept in order presided.  The
board of directors shall, subject to the Bylaws. Meetings of the
Board shall be held as often as may be required, but at least once
every three months. The Board of Directors shall have the
authority to amend the above Bylaws at any regular or special
meeting of the board of directors. In order to make changes, two
third of the Board members must vote in favor of the change. All
proposed changes must be given to the Board at least 10 days 
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