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South Sudan READS (SSREADS) is an internationally recognized, non-profit, non-governmental local organization based in the United State of America, with its headquarter in Fargo, North Dakota, with a coordination office in the horn of South Sudan and first phase operation being established in Gambella, a town bordering with Ethiopia (Horn of Africa). Where the first phase of the project will begin is; 1. To construct our first one of its kind libraries. SSREADS was established in 2015 with a mission to provide education, development locally and construct libraries locally, regionally and internationally. 2. To improve the quality of education systems through creating awareness through power of long-term effective and sustainable education systems for children of South Sudan, Horn of Africa region, Africa and globally. 3. To reinforce peace, reconciliation, healing and harmonious coexistence among South Sudanese in creating sustainable mechanisms and community outreach through available education tools and platforms. 4. To empower livelihoods through knowledge and life skills that activate access to cycles of self-sustainable societies. i.e. Social skills, Community cohesion habits and behaviorism, agri-literacy coaching and agribusiness nurturing the community to ensure schools become a constructive replicable platform for the arable and virgin lands in the region. South Sudan READS will work with local communities to build sustainable communities, develop programs to overcome the lack of education in the community, and provide mechanisms to mitigate challenges that keep children from schools. SSREADS will disseminate information through the library, seminars, trainings, workshops, lectures, and many more viable and viral technology platforms. This is to support the Humanitarian Response Plan – HRP 2016/17 with the aim to capture global MDGs and SDGs (Millennium Development goals and Sustainable Development Goals)